Ok, so you’re interested, but
how does Debt Review work?

1. Well done!

This is the bravest and best decision you have ever made. Now relax, the hard part is over, from here on your Debt Blasters team goes to work for you.

2. No Obligation Discussion

Like we said, you matter to us. So we kick off with a discussion to understand the details of your situation.

3. Complete Application

We guide you through the entire process, step by step.

4. Assessment

Our experts check by how much your expenses exceed your income. This is very important because we use this to build your personalised plan.

5. Building the Plan

Together we set up a plan that solves you particular circumstances.

6. You are Placed Under Debt Review

Can you feel the relief? Once this is done your days of dodging phone calls, stressing and not sleeping are over for good. Credit providers and their debt collectors can by law no longer contact you.

7. Credit Providers Agreement

Relax, we have this under control. At this point we negotiate with your credit providers and our expert attorneys will proceed to turn your application into a court order.

8. That’s it, you are done!

Completely protected, all you do now is focus on yourself and those that matter to you.

One More Thing

Did we tell you about our super fantastic rewards system? Check it out!

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    Yes! We can help anybody in South Africa, no matter where you live. Our process is extremely confidential and most of the communication between us will be electronic. We also have a national network of lawyers than can represent you anywhere in South Africa if that is required.

    Yes! Once your debt review is complete, we issue you a clearance certificate. Your credit profile is now squeaky clean and you are free to access credit from responsible lenders.

    The fees are completely regulated and will be explained to you in detail during your consultation.

    It may happen that they contact you but they are legally bound to the court order and can not institute any legal action or any further collections actions. If this happens you refer them straight to Debt Blasters, we will deal with them.

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