Yes! We can help anybody in South Africa, no matter where you live. Our process is extremely confidential and most of the communication between us will be electronic. We also have a national network of lawyers than can represent you anywhere in South Africa if that is required.

Yes! Once your debt review is complete, we issue you a clearance certificate. Your credit profile is now squeaky clean and you are free to access credit from responsible lenders.

The fees are completely regulated and will be explained to you in detail during your consultation.

It may happen that they contact you but they are legally bound to the court order and can not institute any legal action or any further collections actions. If this happens you refer them straight to Debt Blasters, we will deal with them.

No, absolutely not. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. They will never know.

Absolutely, if you have debt that you can’t afford you can apply for debt review.

No, the terms of the payment arrangement remains exactly the same as what was agreed to. It would however be beneficial for you to increase your payments if possible as this gets you out of debt review sooner.

Absolutely, we will go through a process of proving over indebtedness after which you will be placed under debt review.

Once we have successfully processed your application and notified your creditors you are under debt review.

Yes, although you will have to act quickly as the step following the letter of demand is legal action. The moment a credit provider has taken legal action the agreement can no longer be included in the debt review application.

This is an assessment we will perform for you, however the criteria would be as follows:

  • The credit provider did not perform a proper affordability assessment when you were granted the loan.
  • The credit you were given was the actual cause of you being over-indebted.
  • The implications and risks associated with the credit agreement were not properly explained to you.

If you are doing any of the following you may be over-indebted:

  • Taking out more credit to pay other credit agreements.
  • You find yourself not being completely truthful about all your expenses to increase the amount of a new loan.
  • You pay certain accounts this month and others next month.
  • You have received letters of demand.

Another good indication would be that even after you have cut your expenses as fine as you can, you are still left with a gap to pay your credit agreements.

Firstly, you should not feel ashamed. You are making a very responsible decision which will benefit you in the long run. Secondly, your friends will never know unless you tell them, the process is completely private and highly confidential.

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