Helping you with a solution that suits your personal situation is our top priority.

We want you to be in a financially stable position, focusing on what matters in your life, not worrying about what tomorrow will look like.

At DebtBlasters we help you see tomorrow, today.

Debt Review

In the right hands this is the most fantastic solution for your debt challenges. We negotiate with your credit providers for you. Once this is done you pay a single affordable instalment to your credit providers. They are also legally bound to the agreement and no longer allowed to contact you regarding your credit. It is also extremely confidential, which is something we don’t play around with. When you are a client of Debt Blasters you can rest assured, you are safe.

Features & Benefits

  • The protection from debt collectors is immediate. The moment we submit the required paperwork nobody is allowed to attempt collecting from you, its illegal.
  • You are completely protected against legal action.
  • We handle the process in a highly confidential and discrete manner.
  • You pay one affordable instalment that we agree on upfront. This will leave sufficient funds to cover all your living expenses.
  • Your credit record will not be damaged by judgements and adverse listings.

Budget Assessment

This is a free service we provide to each and every person that calls us. We will work through your budget with you and identify the areas that need work. We are experts at this stuff so you can rest assured our assessment will be of the highest standard and will provide detailed insights into where you need to focus.

Features & Benefits

  • Expert insight into risk areas of your personal budget.
  • If you are only slightly over-indebted this allows you the opportunity to make the necessary changes without going into debt review

Reckless Lending Assessment

Did you know that some of your credit agreements may have been granted to you recklessly? This means that such an agreement could be set aside entirely! Our team will help you assess if any of your agreements are reckless and also manage things from there with the credit provider on your behalf.

  • We can help you cancel all reckless credit agreements, this means that debt is written off.
  • Immediate cash flow benefits because you no longer have to pay that loan.


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