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At Debt Blasters, it is the knowledge of our people that sets us apart. Whether you have a question about our solutions, or just to say hi, our debt review experts can help.

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    Yes! We can help anybody in South Africa, no matter where you live. Our process is extremely confidential and most of the communication between us will be electronic. We also have a national network of lawyers than can represent you anywhere in South Africa if that is required.

    Yes! Once your debt review is complete, we issue you a clearance certificate. Your credit profile is now squeaky clean and you are free to access credit from responsible lenders.

    The fees are completely regulated and will be explained to you in detail during your consultation.

    It may happen that they contact you but they are legally bound to the court order and can not institute any legal action or any further collections actions. If this happens you refer them straight to Debt Blasters, we will deal with them.

    Business Hours

    Monday to Friday:
    08h00 – 17h00